Employee Performance Evaluation Template

Looking for employee job assessment & evaluation reporting sheet of excel? Here you can download our premium template of job assessment sheet. You can easily calculate through this sheet (Average Performer, Average Score, best performer, Worse Performer) and also best department in particular month through visuals dashboard or charts.

In HR strategy planning template, you can collect this template easily.

  1. Gender Job status wise performance
  2. Company level category wise performance
  3. Chart according to job experience wise employee performance
  4. Department Wise performance (%), Location Wise Performance (%), Grade Wise Performance (%)
  5. Location/Department Wise Employee Salary Detail
  6. HR KPI dashboard template, check also

Employee performance grade according to (Productivity, Efficiency, Organization Skill, learning & Development, Communication, Internal Relationship, Attendance). For more detail about HR performance template, contact EZOWO or TemplateInsider Support.

Key Features of Employee Performance Evaluation Template

According to Job department & Grade, you can adjust employee stats, which shown in graph. You can also export this data in PDF sheet, for presentation. Without this sheet, you can’t evaluate company employee performance and give bonus accordingly.

In Our next section, we are going to linked this sheet with employee attendance tracker, so you just need to paste attendance data and you will get salary record and attendance summary-based employee performance also.

  1. Advanced Excel-Based sheet of excel less than 1 MB
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How to Evaluate Staff Performance & conduct Report?

There are different parameters for the evaluation of an employee but these standards vary from company to company. Regular assessment is done to evaluate performance. Some main points to conduct evaluation are as follows;

Employee Performance Evaluation Template

  • Set performance standards:

Depending on the responsibilities of employee performance evaluation standards is set. An outline is created to evaluate performance. Note that performance standards are realistically achievable. And comparison is done among the same group of employees with similar responsibilities.

  • Individual goals:

Set individual goals depending upon the working capacity of an employee. This helps for the individual performance evaluation and keeps the employee motivated to do better in future.

  • Decide duration:

Each company has outlined different frameworks for the evaluation process. Some conduct evaluation twice a year or some once a year. Look for the right time for the performance evaluation. Take notes and keep the record of the employee’s activities.

  • Feedback:

Feedback is important because it keeps both the company and employee under light. Provide constructive feedback that will help an employee to improve their performance.

What is the Employee Appraisal Template?

It is a template used by the managers to easily evaluate employees’ performance. Various online templates are available for the employee appraisal. Scales are selected by the managers conducting employee performance evaluation.


The appraisal form has questions regarding the responsibilities according to the job description, goals in reference with the current plan of action and skills. Rating scale has options like good, average, poor, excellent. Meetings are conducted among supervisors before the appraisal process.

Best Practices for Creating Effective Employee Evaluation Report?

There are few tips that you can follow to set up an effective employee evaluation report.

  1. Prepare beforehand: Doing things before time talks about how seriously you take them. Plan how you can effectively conduct the procedure without any criticism and favoritism
  2. Good communication: Before sitting in the final meeting of evaluation, it is recommended to have good communication with an employee. Make him aware about the report using all positive tactics. Use kind words and try not to give any remarks that will demotivate him/ her
  3. Anonymous feedback: Create forms in such a pattern that the identity of the person giving feedback is not revealed. Keep strict check and balance on the feedback system. Make this process organic as it is the core of the evaluation process
  4. Face to face meeting: Sending a report through email or by other methods is not that feasible. It creates a communication Having a formal one on one meeting solves out many confusion and decreases the wrongly interpreted statements
  5. End on a positive note: Try to end the meeting on the positive note despite the Make your employee comfortable and tell them to stay motivated and offer them help if needed

Example of Employee Evaluation Template:

Different templates are used widely to conduct the evaluation of employees.

  • Simple Performance Review Template:

This is one basic template that has questions about performance, skills and target progress.

  • Employee Evaluation Form:

This complex template provides annual performance analysis. It has a different section with follow-up and feedback. Suggested development plan showing in the end of form. This is commonly used by massive business companies or other organizations.  It can be customize into a simpler one according to your performance evaluation criteria.

This Employee Performance Evaluation Template conduct of dashboard and job report sheet in excel sheet. For customization in this template, you can contact us.


Following are some relevant questions regarding HR performance system, if you still some further questions discuss in comments section.

What kinds of employee performance stats shown in this template?

I show in image, which you guide about visual information about CHART stats shown in this template.

How can I Download EPET Template?

You need to visit EZOWO link for download this product, this is not FREE template.

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