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What is HR Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Template?

Through this HR tracker, you can easily overview employee performance through different channels.  KPI indicated Key performance indicator, refer to overview performance of either any department or individual.


HR Recruitment KPI

Recruitment key performance indicator equips the HR professionals to increase the productivity and the performance. These indicators set particular recruiting criteria which helps to measure the effectiveness of the recruitment process. KPI gives better insight for the time and money investment.

The KPI scores give the information about the goals that a company is meeting. In case the minimum criteria are not met amendments are done at the place of action to reach the goals. Here is some HR Recruitment KPI;


  • Connecting the right candidate for the job opening, as you receive plenty of job applications against one job opening. The HR team is responsible for selecting the best qualified candidate among dozens of applications.
  • Filling out an application form is another critical step in the recruitment process. Not all the procedures are smooth. At times when any candidate starts filling out a job application he/ she leaves it halfway or doesn’t find them fit for the job. Tracking the application completion rate gives the result how far the job hunt drive turned out successful.
  • Time for the complete recruitment process, it includes shortlisting time, interview scheduling, 2nd phase selection and finally getting on board. Look for the loopholes in the recruitment procedure and shorten the duration to improve the effectiveness. Recruitment KPI is the top function of HR KPI Dashboard Excel Template.
  • Another KPI is offer acceptance rate, as the coin has two sides, each process has two ends. In recruitment there is one candidate side and other is HR side. Build a self-elaborate and catchy offer letter so that candidate readily accepts it instead of declining.

Employee Workload Management KPI:

In the early stages overtime of an employee gives the information about the workload management. But it is only a temporary measure because in the beginning it may increase the orders and sales of the company but with time it will gradually decrease the employee performance and motivation. For the same correct work breakdown needs to be practices.

Employee Performance Evaluation KPI

 Employee Performance Evaluation KPI:

Just like workload management and recruitment, performance evaluation has its key indicators. Few are mentioned below;

  1. Customer Satisfaction: Most important indicator for employee’s performance is the rate of customer satisfaction. If this rate is high it clearly depicts the employee is doing the work right.
  2. Financial index: Sale turnover rate gives insight for the financial index. If the employee is doing his job responsibly the company will generate reasonable revenue.
  3. Internal Process Quality: Quality maintenance is in the hands of the company’s employees. From the manufacturing to the delivery of the product, the procedure and quality is the mirror of the employee’s performance.
  4. Employee Satisfaction: Happy and satisfied employee’s work in the benefit of the employee’s performance. It is an accurate indicator for the measurement of employee’s performance.

Salary Record KPI:

Having particular standards for the salary records will be the same as your time and burden. These are few KPI’s for salary records.

  • Cost of overtime
  • Cost per payroll
  • Percentage of total revenue generated
  • Time to run payroll

Employee Attendance KPI:

Attendance record gives the information about the working hours and the holidays an employee is taken. Ins and outs from the computerized system are an attendance KPI practices universally.

Fig 1. This is the sample of attendance tracking KPI.

Employee Training KPI:

Employee Training KPI:

Each department in an organisation or a business requires KPI to function fluently. So, there are some valid KPI for employee training as well.

Activity status: Pass or Fail tracking gives the information about the activity status or the success of the training session. Monthly and quarterly evaluation after the training is conducted to calculate the success rate of the training.

Test score: Test scores depicts the role of training playing in the performance of employees. There are ways to test the employees, a company sets criteria according to the training they are providing and the practical based outcome the employee is delivering. The average test score also depends on the quality of training the Supervisor Company has hired.

Rate of training completion: There can be multiple reasons for leaving the training in the middle. Mostly, the employee finds it hectic to manage along with the working hours. A few feels uncomfortable in the training environment. The number of employees enrolled to the employees finished the training gives clear insight of the training effectiveness.

Average time for completion: Track the time duration an employee took to complete the training in reference to the number of employees enrolled for the training.  Found average score in HR KPI Dashboard Excel Template.


We have learned about HR KPI Dashboard Excel Template & found #1 HR KPI Dashboard relates to recruitment, employee salary data, training. In addition, we are linking Employee attendance sheet with this sheet, so you can easily manage Employee salary sheet, PTO, Holiday’s planner and other more financial record of any employee.


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