Looking for HR roadmap strategy plan template? We have option for you in PPT and Excel file. Make sure, this is premium template, you can use this template for multi purposes, like evaluation of employee performance, schedule of employee training, applicant tracking system (Recruitment) ETC. You can easily understand this HR roadmap Template through VIDEO.

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  1. Excel and PPT format is also available with Excel
  2. Import report in PDF format after editing
  3. Separate template is also available of Recruitment, Employee performance, Training

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What is HR strategy & Roadmap Planning?

For a smooth running of a company, it is good to have a strong connection between the HR department and the underlying strategies, goals and ideas of the plan. The HR strategic planning aims to provide flexibility in functioning, introduce innovative ideas which lead towards competitive advantage.

HR strategy also directly improves business performance and provides effective policies. Strategic Human Resource also deals with the hiring and training of new employees or the existing employees along with performance-based rewards.

HR Roadmap Template

How to Conduct HR strategy through Template?

Strategic HR is important and paves the path to success as it focuses towards a single goal and the team is motivated to achieve the milestones. The HR strategy also provides an insight to improve the value of each employee by carefully monitoring their performances. HR managers are responsible to develop a strategic HR. Here are some steps you can take to develop your own HR strategy.

  1. First of all, define your HR needs. The HR strategy works as a guide so identifying your future needs in this plan plays a good role. For the purpose you need to look for some answers;
  • Nature of project?
  • How to improve productivity?
  • Skills required to deliver the outcomes/ results
  • How to develop those skills?
  • Number of employees working on a project?
  • Plan of action?
  • Risks that you may face as the project progresses?
  1. Now look for the resources or capabilities you already have in your team. To gain in depth analysis you need to figure out below mentioned things.
  • Are your current capabilities enough to lead the project?
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Keeping the current situation in mind, what steps do you need to take to keep up with the progress of the project?
  • Identify the areas of risk?
  • How will HR work as a pillar to the success of the project?
  1. Find the gaps between future needs, policies, resources and the current capabilities.
  • In which areas gaps are detected?
  • What will be the classification of these gaps?
  1. Design a proper plan to fill in these gaps.
  2. After developing a comprehensive plan, share that with other team members, make sure that implementation is done and monitor the outcomes of the plan for the success of the project.

 Basic Element of HR Roadmap Template:

To construct an HR roadmap or strategy, you need to build a plan having these key elements.

  • Organizational Structure:

You need to determine your workforce, knowing about your capacity will help you perform better. Identify staff needs either or monthly. Making a plan is the initial step. It starts recruitment of the right staff then assigning them relevant job titles and further describing their responsibilities.

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  • Recruitment and Retention:

First of all, HR planning involves steps for the recruitment process. Proper standards of recruitment at step to maintain the quality of the process. Employee retention is important to maintain the progress of the project. For retention provide them with monthly or yearly performance based incentives for appreciation and acknowledgement.

  • Budgeting:

Defining the budget according to the activities play a major role. List out the expenses, labor cost, and material expenditure to keep the accurate budget.

Best Tools/Template Require in HR Roadmap:

In this “All in One” template, consist of 3 other template with dashboard tracking.

 HR Recruitment Dashboard:

One important tool to set up a proper HR roadmap is recruitment dashboard. It has all the relevant information regarding the job opening, number of applicants, number of active candidates, number of applicants declined, reason of decline etc. All the information is represented graphically.

Employee Training KPI:

 Employee Performance Report:

Performance reviews are conducted as per your schedule. Goals, achievements, accomplished responsibilities, suggested areas of improvement, core values, additional comments and the person reviewed is mentioned in the report.

Employee Training Dashboard:

Training details of employees are recorded. Number of training problems, outline of training, outcomes of training, training cost is recorded. All the information is in graphical or numerical form. In addition,  information about HR Roadmap Template, comment us for download template. If you require HR KPI Dashboard with some different KPI tracking request us.

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