Procurement Management Plan Template

Looking for procurement management template? In this article, we are going to discuss excel template for managing supplier inventory management, raw inventory schedule and complete stock management.

Procurement dashboard in excel, complete work breakdown plan you can download in excel. with the help of TemplateInsider lunch some procurement planning templates effective for project planning and product launching.

  1. Download Procurement KPI Dashboard template
  2. Procurement Tracking excel template (Plan)
  3. Download XLS format (1MB)
  4. Manage Conflicts with current user and vendor relationships

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What is procurement Management Plan?

Managing a company’s procurement is quite a task and requires patience and expertise. An effective procurement plan saves time and money both and benefits the organization.

Only the rightly done procurement management can provide these facilities. Using procurement management plan template, you can manage entire product and project oriented plan.

Procurement Risks

Otherwise, it will waste your time and energy. Procurement management plan identifies the core requirements of the project and helps to effectively organize them. Always develop a flexible plan that can actually help you win contracts.

Procurement Management Plan Template

Key Features Procurement Plan Template

There are few steps that you can follow to develop a good procurement plan.

  1. First step is to identify the items that you need to procure. Record the details of the items like size, number. Specify the dates for the delivery of the items. List out the authorized people who are likely to approve the purchase list of the items. Already having a standard procedure for the receiving and approval will save you from conflict
  2. To carry out professional dealing smoothly you need to figure out the type of agreement you want to have with the contractors. There’s an official document signed by both parties that can provide all the information regarding cost and duration of contract
  3. Watch out for the risk that can hinder the progress of the project. Risk can be of different varieties like disturbed schedule, unexpected cost increase, vendor conflict, and delay in delivery or sometimes not reaching up to quality standards
  4. Find the possible ways to rule out these risks. Make an alternate plan to deal with such situations.
  5. The important step is to outline the overall cost of the project. For procurement management, a request for proposal (RFP) is signed or issued which is presented to contractors for bidding.
  6. Set up rules for the contract approval
  7. Make a list of vendor management plans. It carries all the information from the quality check to the delivery dates and the number of items

Elements Of Procurement Plan Template Excel

There are few essential elements of the procurement plan template which are highlighted.

Sales Order Tracking:

As soon as a customer places an order the working from the side of the company starts.

  1. Good customer experience works in the favor of the company
  2. An online shopper is completely dependent on the services of the company

Now to set good standards, companies need to define the quality of their products as well as the accurate delivery process. Sales order tracking tells you about the status of the order from the dispatch to the sales invoice. The information in the template is in the following orders; date of order, order number, name of the customer, item name, quantity of items, order value, order status, dispatch status, invoice status etc.

Purchase Order Management:

Purchase order management is one essential part of the internal process of a Procurement Management Plan Template. It ensures that every purchase is equally important and justified. Most of the companies have developed a pattern for purchase order with the details of the policies.

Cost optimization is done in the purchase order management. There are different software and templates to effectively manage purchase order. It works in the favor of the company as the company can pick up or get delivered the required number of items and make payment later.

Procurement Shipment Tracker Management:

In the past decade online shopping has flourished greatly with this the value of shipment tracking has greatly increased.

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The customers are eager to know the status of their orders. As soon as the order is placed an order number is assigned and after the shipment is done you can track your order by the shipment number provided by the courier company.


A good tracking system improves the overall experience of the customers. There is software available that can easily manage the shipment tracking procedure and decrease your workload.

Examples of Procurement Tracker:

First of all, A procurement management system is a part of project management and further broken down into contract types, procurement process flow, procurement risks, procurement milestones, legal jurisdiction and cost.

Supplier management plan template:

There are plenty of procurement plan templates with variations. But most of them have more or less the same elements. You can set up your personalized plan or can use the available template. Here is an example of a supplier management plan template. You can make an amendment according to your requirement.

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Order Tracking Template:

All minor details of order are recorded in the template for the tracking. Supplier details, order number, number of items, date of order delivery is added in the spreadsheet along with other details.

Customer Sales Tracking Template:

With the help of order details, a customer can track order placed. Data regarding the order tracking is recorded in this template.

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