Looking for order and delivery tracking for managing shipment worldwide? Through this template you can easily track, record inventory no of goods with interactive dashboard. These shipment tracking excel template is a premium template, so you don’t need any other template, if you have this one. You can also use this template as a supply chain template excel.

Keeping aside the size of the business, you need some Shipment Tracking Excel Template throughout the project to manage different sorts of things happening simultaneously in a project. An easy way is to look for some template that fits best for your project.

Key Features of Shipment Tracking Template

Here are some key element or features list down, so you can easily manage each inventory in detail note.

  1. Professional dashboard for inventory summary (Stock in Hand, inventory to come, Inventory to go)
  2. Active Products, No of products and product categories section
  3. Pending order from suppliers’ section, and status chart
  4. Purchase order Dashboard, shipment tracking dashboard, income & statement record with sales record
  5. Easily create invoice and import in PDF
  6. Just like Asset Management Excel


Easily maintain top 10 supplier’s performance, on time records, sale through RATE KPI ETC. In Sale dashboard you can manage to see;

  1. Booked
  2. Ready to be Packed
  3. Ready to Shipped
  4. Shipped
  5. Delivered
  6. Total Sale

Trend of sales in current and past year chart, Top 10 worse and best product over the time. In below you can easily comparison of different product performance.

Manage Bulk Inventory Through EZOWO Shipment Tracker

Be it a small outlet or large-scale grocery store you have to invest a good amount of time and energy to manage inventory and constantly keep track of it, hence no product runs out of stock. Paper and pens made inventory lists are now outdated. In this time of technology, you can easily manage your inventory by the help of inventory shipping tracking templates.

What are Shipment Tracker benefits?

There are some remarkable benefits you can experience while using this Shipment Tracking Excel Template. A well managed record helps you to organize your investments and no money is invested in the wrong place. Keeps you updated about the status of the products left behind in the inventory.

  1. Provide deeper insight of the statistics. You can set up a personalized inventory tracking spreadsheet in excel.
  2. Make separate columns for the product information, purchase data and sales of the product.
  3. You can detail of the product as per your need but mostly added details are item number, size, price and color etc.
  4. Also, expiry dates recorded so that no mess happens after the shipment is received or sent.

Key Element of Inventory Shipment Tracker

Here is a simple inventory shipping tracking template with all the relevant columns.

Suppliers and Vendors Tracking:

Vendors are the ones who deal with different products and bring them to the sellers. Large scale setups have contracts with multiple vendors as they are dealing with several products and each vendor has their own specific rates and the company goes for cheapest with high quality products.

  1. As multiple vendors are involved in the stock supply so there’s a need to keep the record of it
  2. It is not an easy job to manage 15-20 vendors with their product details on paper
  3. The best way is to look for the most reliable template as per the requirement of the company

The following template has got all the necessary information you need to track your vendor. Enter the data correctly after the contracts are signed so that no vendor is left behind. Contact details are very important for the tracking purpose.

Order and Delivery Tracking Spreadsheet:

If you want a higher customer satisfaction rate then you really need to pay attention to order and delivery tracking spreadsheet. It provides you the data that your client may ask for. As soon as the customers place an order she/ he starts checking the status of the order.


The order tracking template will reduce the burden of customer support employees and bring efficiency in your order follow up system as a result increase customer satisfaction greatly.

Here is the basic order delivery tracking template.

  1. In the very first column purchase order ID is added which is assigned when the order is placed, following the date on which the order is placed
  2. Product information, invoice amount, invoice number followed by the invoice date

And mostly importantly the status of payment comes in the last column.  You can make changing in the spreadsheet as per your requirement. Do not complicate it.

Example of Shipment Tracking Dashboard:

Shipment tracking gives information about the current location of the shipment/ order. Keeping the track of shipment is important, it keeps you connected and updated about the status of the order to both the sender and the receiver. In case it gets lost, damaged or misplaced you get that information also by shipment tracking.


This is the most simple and basic template which has all the records of shipment. The tracking process starts as soon as the order is placed by the customer, order is processed and quality analysis is done to maintain the standards of the company. When the order is dispatched, the expected delivery date is mentioned. And when the product is delivered, it is marked as successfully delivered.

ORDER & Delivery Tracker VS Shipment Tracker (Which is the Best?)

You don’t need to comparison these sheets, if you have EZOWO Inventory tracker. You can manage entire inventory through order to delivery from customer record to invoice. We have also customized solution for you regarding this product.

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