Project Work Plan Template Excel

A project work plan is another name of project management plan and a successful project begins with a comprehensive project management plan. In this article, you can download project work plan template in excel & other MS office format.

  1. Easy & printable format plan for resource management & Project Management
  2. Available for PC & MAC
  3. Construction work and engineering work especially
  4. HR strategic Planning Template

This work plan may contains a single document or a collection of documents that gives additional details about particular areas for planning like the work breakdown structure, schedule or the stakeholder evaluation. Project work plan template help you regarding the planning process and enables you to focus on all the details.

Key Features of Project Work Plan Template

Such templates are created to split your huge projects into smaller and manageable fractions. It also highlights the requirements needed to be fulfilled, when and by whom.

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A work plan template also includes a timeline that aids in setting the expectations and enhances transparency while keeping the entire team on the same track regarding the products and deadlines. Such templates work great for enormous teams dealing huge projects with a lot of tasks and deadlines.

Importance of a Work Plan

A work plan serves as a roadmap for the execution of whole project. Despite keeping your project and the team organized, it will make sure that you receive a buy- in from stakeholders, relevant departments, related accountability officers and more. Just like cost breakdown template in construction estimation management.

Project Work Plan Template Excel

Moreover, it assists in managing the expectations on stakeholder level and also satisfies managers and employees.

Types of Project Work Plan Template Excel

Following are the few types of project work plan:

Work Breakdown Structure Template

A WBS provides a visible tool that will help you to understand the way you can successfully accomplish the project. Begin with the objective and deliverable at the apex and then split the effort required into smaller tasks.

  1. A work breakdown structure emphasizes on deliverables and tasks but complements the schedule of the project
  2. Some experiences project managers suggests that schedules are the most advantageous for the leadership while the teams and the employees are benefit from work breakdown structure
  3. This template often provides you with a task list and unfilled diagrams

Project Time Schedule Template

Project time management includes analyzing and creating a timeline and schedule for the completion of the project. A formally organized schedule acts as a buffer for things like unpredicted risks and issues and misestimated deadlines. The time management plan decides and adjusts the tasks along with their time duration and also allocates and manages its resources.

It has a direct effect on the scope, quality, and cost of the project, so time management is one of the most crucial area in project management. Managing time efficiently helps to save time and expense while executing the project. Schedule templates provide a framework for designing a sequence of tasks, their time, estimation of resources, and the way these parameters fit together to execute the project.

Work Plan Gantt chart Template

A Gantt chart displays the initiation and termination dates of all the tasks and milestones of the project. It also exhibits task dependencies among activities.

  1. Best way to display the current status of the project
  2. Important tool for planning and performing tasks of the project because it can identify the tasks very easily and visibly

Work Plan Gantt chart Template

It also allocates resources to execute the tasks. In addition to the visual timeline of activities and projects, Gantt charts are best for the management of the projects as tasks can be coded with colors by person or team. By using them, tasks that involve tracking become easier. You can download Project Work Plan Template with Gantt chart stats printable in excel format through this template easily.


It also allows you to draw a comparison of your project plan against the actual progress. You can also see project critical paths, baselines along with core project milestones.

How to make a work plan for Project Plan?

To create a work plan, various processes are involved and need a lot of details before presenting it to the stakeholders.

  1. Identify The Name, Objective, And Basic Timeline Of The Project

This step will decide the time durations required to accomplish the objectives of the project and you can present it for approval along with other details regarding the project.

  1. Arrange Your Work Plan Into Context

Pen down an introduction and a brief background to highlight why you want this project to happen and what are factors made you work on this project in the first place.

  1. Create Your Objectives And Goals

Your goals might explain your objectives, but they are more specific as they are more long-term. The objectives of the project should be measurable.

  1. Define And Coordinate Your Resources

While defining the resources, you will need to address the amount of budget needed to invest in the project and the departments to which it will be allocated.

  1. Understand Your Constraints And Discuss Risks

Consider the constraints of time, resources, and budget. Maybe due to some uncertainty your employees take a few days off, maybe areas there be a software crash or an unexpected task appears that may affect the completion of deliverables so while scheduling you have to keep that factors in mind.

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