Excel To Do List with Progress Tracker

In this article, you can easily download the project progress tracker (to-do list). In a project, it is very important to keep track of so many things one of those in progress. The progress check allows you to see how the project is processing and in which area it lacks.

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If you are looking for a method and tool to track down your project performance then your problem is solved. As we are discussing different project progress tracking tools here.

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What is To-Do List Progress Tracker?

Using these templates, you can manage efficiently projects according to the to-do list. As we all know that the project management is a rather hectic and time-consuming industry. And it needs proper attention and tracking down the progress of different tasks of the project from time to time. That is why project managers emphasize using different tracking tools to keep an idea of the project performance to avoid any downfall.

This way of keeping eye on the processes will allow you to identify and deal with bottlenecks on time. Therefore, hidden and unnoticed problems can cause serious circumstances. Therefore, it is important to track and deal with them as soon as they are identified.

Example of To-do list Progress Tracker

In this piece of reading our emphases will be on discovering and introducing different project progress tracking tools and templates. We will be debating on the process and its steps in detail by using different tools.

Project Milestone Tracker?

Project millstones basically are one of a way to plan and identify the different phases of achievements and accomplishments during the project process. Different tasks are often included in different milestones. This is the better way to track and review the progress and performance of the project tasks initially.

The milestones could be set and associated with any significant phase of the project during its life cycle. In simple words, the milestone is a way of tracking the progress of the project either collectively or task by task. The application and implementation of the project milestone tool depend on the requirement and nature of your project demands.

Excel To Do List with Progress Tracker

Therefore this is one of the important and major phases of analysis of the project progress. Furthermore, the milestone methodology is very efficient and extremely important. As it makes sure that the project is right on track. Additionally, in some cases, if needed you can add and delete things from project milestones according to the requirements of the project.

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Following are some steps showing how do we track project milestones:

  1. First, you need to scoop out the tasks in consideration. Then identify the project milestones in consideration.
  2. Make sure you have an idea and a log of the important deadlines and dates related to tasks you are tracking. This is helpful in making the monitoring easy and effective. This will also add to the useful and timely completion of the whole project.
  3. Lastly, make sure that the project task is well communicated and discussed properly with team members. As communication is a very important key in making the project succeed.

Project Milestone Using To-do-list

A project milestone is basically to consider the important parts of the project and keep track of its performance from time to time. It must describe a clear overview of the project’s significant tasks and events from starting to the endpoint.  Using Google sheet spreadsheet for project tracking is also the best idea. The milestone is markers that run along with the main timeline of the project throughout the whole process. Using a milestone tool is a step towards the project’s success and development.

This uses the technique of dividing the process into smaller and easy to manage portions.  Separates one phase from the other to keep things simple and straightforward. The milestone technique is very useful and ensures the project’s successful delivery.  Thus, this will make work easy and in control for you and there are fewer chances of error in it as well.

Often the project milestone process is divided into different steps. Following are some basic phases of this process:

  1. Define Problem: The most initial step is to identify and define the issue. This is a very important step and helps you identify the number and types of problems you will be dealing with during the process. Therefore, make sure the issues are highlighted and defined properly in order to handle them efficiently.
  2. Produce the Plan: Secondly, the selection of a process to deal with the issue is very important. Subsequently, you must make the best possible and effective plan in accordance with the relevant problem. Once the most suitable plan is picked you are good to go.
  3. Project Development: The last step is the implementation of deciding the plan and ensures the proper proceeding of the project. In this along with the plan application, the project development is also monitored. Not only this is the last step but also is substantial to identify whether the problem has been eradicated according to plan or not.

Gantt Chart Progress Tracker with To-do list

A Gantt chart is useful in planning and managing a project and identify the needs and requirements of the project. It identifies the resources needed for the project to execute and proceed successfully. Furthermore, it is the best option of tool to make sure that the project deliverables are well managed and are on right track. The Gantt chart represents the information in two panels one is for the information and the other is for graphical representation.


Moreover, when the project timeline is assisted with Gantt chat it works even more efficiently. This is also useful in managing the effects and dependencies of different tasks on each other. This tool works as multitask help as well by managing and dealing with more than one task at a time.

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There is a slight difference in the timeline and Gantt chart. The timeline basically is a singular type of technique but on the other hand, the Gantt chart is a two-dimensional thing with keeping account of the project task, deliverables, and their dependencies collectively.

Thus, the timeline provides highly precise and detailed information of the project processes and tasks to stakeholders and other important team members at a glance. Accordingly, both Gantt Chart and Project Timeline are equally important, but when working together they prove to be even more effective.

How to Create Task progress tracker excel?

Using our blank or Excel To-Do List with Progress Tracker, you won’t need to create this template from scratch. A task tracker is also another project tracking tool used to track down the project task performance individually one by one. In a project there are lots of tasks includes in the project, depending upon the type and size of the project.

Subsequently, it is very easy to get lost in the pool of tasks but using a Task progress tracker saves you from tremendous trouble. It allows you to see whether the project is running on a decided schedule on not. As the successful completion is a significant aspect of the success of the project, you must have a Task progress tracker on hand to make use of it when required.


Excel To-Do List with Progress Tracker is very important for the success and timely completion of the project, you must keep a proper tracking tool on hand. This is very important as tracking keeps things organize and avoids any errors and issues in the project processes.

As if there is no method used for checking and balancing the project tasks even small issues can turn into a big disaster. Consequently, make sure you choose the best-suited and efficient tracking tool to keep an eye on the performance of your project.

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