HR Strategic Planning Template Excel

Looking for Human resource complete strategic plan template? In this article, you can download “ALL IN ONE” strategic template of HR (Recruitment, Employee performance, Evaluation, PTO TRACKER).

Download HR Strategic Planning Template Excel and report to PDF and WORD document.

  1. Complete analytical report of employee daily work plan and PTO
  2. Employee Performance Reporting & Evaluation
  3. Dashboard and HR KPI Tracker Excel
  4. Easy and simple reporting and tracker of daily activity
  5. HR KPI Dashboard Template

The HR Strategic Planning Template Excel is a tool designed to assist human resources professionals in creating and organizing their strategic plans. It is a spreadsheet template created in Microsoft Excel that helps HR departments outline and implement their long-term goals, objectives, and initiatives.

The template typically includes various sections and features that allow HR professionals to document and track important information related to their strategic planning process.

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Human resource strategic planning can be describe as the strategic and continuous procedure of evaluating and identifying existing and future human resource requirements so that a healthy and consistent stream of employees can be maintained in an organization.

Using an HR Strategic Planning Template Excel can help HR professionals streamline their planning process, enhance collaboration within the department, and provide a visual representation of their strategic initiatives. It allows for better organization, monitoring, and evaluation of HR goals and objectives.

HR Strategic Planning Template Excel

To win the competition of human capital, strategic human resource plan should be used as a road-map by the companies to meet 3-5 year goals. Strategic plan can also influence for developing tactical resource planning.

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For instance, a HR Strategic Planning Template Excel may consist of long- term objectives to recruit and hire the best staff with advanced level technical skills. The tactical plan may contain comprehensive action plans along with complete due dates. The tactical program in strategic recruitment goals might include short- term goals like standardise salaries by using survey data.

Benefits Of Human Resource Strategic Planning

The closer the alignment of the general business strategy and HR, the better is the ability of the company to respond and foresee the needs of customers. The specific benefits associated to HR strategic planning are:

  1. It avoids overpriced and troublesome surprises that impede the achievement of goals
  2. It identifies issues in timely that save from crises
  3. It promotes employee productivity and general organizational prosperity
  4. It gives a direction that positively affects how work is accomplished
  5. It keeps the team members focused on objectives of the company
  6. It provides strategic direction and guide for development and training initiatives



Before you begin hiring, you need to evaluate your position. By this it is meant that you have to analyze the employees, recognise their skills and how they stand in your organization. It is important to find the right people with appropriate set of skills and put them in right place.


Now that you are completely aware of the situation of your staff, you will think ahead about the needs of organization and the employees. It includes whether you need to extent the employee list or you might need a bigger workplace or how to inculcate your employees with new skills through training sessions.


After figuring out your company’s requirements, it’s your turn to deliver new talent. The focus of this step is on selection, recruitment, and appointment. This step is critical for HR as it is their duty to find and choose the best fit for your company.


When your HR plan has been in action for a reasonable amount of time, it is time to analyze and measure the results. Was the process beneficial for your company or not? Were you be able to manage your staff and more?

Hr Strategies Planning Templates Types

Following are some main types of HR plan. Through download this template you can manage each areas of recruitment process from initial level to end.

  • Recruitment Tracker Template

Selecting the right team is among the most crucial task performed by human resource staff. It includes the activities like job analysis that includes the designations you need to fill now and in the future along with job descriptions and profiles of the suitable candidates.

The next step is recruitment and you can attract candidates for any task that needs multiple tools, social media, and recruiting from within the company.

Recruitment Tracker Excel Template

Recruitment is a very critical responsibility because looking for the right people and selecting them will definitely result in prosperity for your organisation. With employee planning in place, your team will have the access to recruitment sources, hiring demand, and more. The staff planning template will assist you to arrange all the details within columns for status, goals, budget, and comments.


It is necessary for employers and employees to comprehend how good individuals are performing their tasks and what steps can be taken to enhance performance.

Essential for the owner to evaluate his employees but it is also important that employees should evaluate their employer or manager. It is called 3600 performance enhancement.

Employee Performance Evaluation Template

A performance review template provides all the basics to evaluate the performance of members like a list of skills of employees and attributes and a rating system ranging from very poor to exceptional. There is also a portion to add future goals and prominent accomplishments.


Additional training helps the employees in becoming more successful in their tasks. But the need and duration of training vary for various organizations, having a plan prepared supports employees retention and satisfaction.

  1. Weekly or Daily Training Schedule management
  2. Resource utilisation is different department or projects

With the use of a training schedule template, you can track activities enter details required to accomplish all the tasks, and present valuable feedback for the manager and the employees. Training helps employees to understand and learn their jobs in a way the company wants. This one important HR Strategic Planning Template Excel.

Giving opportunities to team members that include training sessions in form of online classes or seminars benefits the organization and enhances morale and commitment.

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