Recruitment Tracker Excel Template

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  1. Recruitment Tracker Excel Template (A to Z Solution)
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  3. Employee Training Recruitment system
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A Recruitment Tracker Excel Template is a pre-designed spreadsheet that helps organizations track and manage their recruitment process. It provides a structured format for recording and organizing essential information related to job applicants, positions, interviews, and hiring decisions.

It helps Hr manager to manage each employee record from beginning.

What is & How to Recruitment Tracker? EXCEL TEMPLATE

A Recruitment Tracker Excel that is use to update and add new information about every candidate in a recruiting process is call a recruitment tracker. As explain by the name, a recruitment tracker keeps a track of the recruitment process under any multiple listed job vacancy.

By using a Recruitment Tracker Excel Template, organizations can streamline their recruitment process, maintain a centralized record of applicants, and facilitate collaboration among the hiring team. It provides a visual overview of the recruitment pipeline, helping to ensure that important steps are not missed and that hiring decisions are made efficiently and effectively.

This tool is use recruiters all the time in real time scenarios. They use it to maintain thousands of records of applicants and get auto generate results based on those records.

Recruitment Tracker Excel Template

Recruitment Report:

A recruitment report can be easily written by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Begin with your personal information, so anyone who reads the report knows who has compiled it, name, position, department etc.

Step 2: Add a complete date (date/month/year) on which the recruitment report is compile.

Step 3: Write a list of the people you have recruited, along with their complete details e.g., their names, contact numbers, addresses or any other detail require.

Step 4: List down all the expenses or resources that were used up during the recruitment process.

Step 5: Every process comes with its own challenges, mentioning all the problems that you faced during the recruiting process that may have halted the recruitment of certain candidates, or over all the recruiting process. You should also write down the solutions you came up with, in order to prevent or solve those problems if they reoccur in future.

Step 6: Document a conclusion, after the completion of all the above mention steps, listing the success rate of the overall recruiting process.

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The #1 in the Market (With HR management system)

How does the Recruitment tracker spreadsheet template work?

After implementing the Recruitment Tracker Excel, you need to complete the following form:

Job title: for which the applications are submit

Applicant name:

Application Date: date when the application is submitted for the first time

Then the information enters into 4 stages and a final 5th stage as well:

1st Stage: The application itself is the first stage, where all the necessary information about the applicant is entered

2nd Stage: The phone screen interview is the second stage. A date on which the phone screen interview is carried is entered in this column

3rd stage: Walk in interview is the third stage of the recruitment tracker template. A date on which the walk in interview was carried out, is entered under this column.

4th Stage: The offer whether made to the candidate or not, should be entered into this column

If the candidate is dropped at any stage the Status of the application should be updated as closed in the status column

You can also add a feedback/comment/reason of dropping an application, to help identify the top reasons of rejections that are common between applications.

5th Stage: Hiring is an additional last stage that basically winds up the whole recruitment process. Whichever applicant is hired, there details or name should be entered in the hired column. Once this column is filled all the applications are closed. Thus closing the whole recruitment process.

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Example of a Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet:

If you are in the process of recruiting for an open position then you will find this template helpful in keeping all the information around your application in one place, in an organize way and it will easily allow you to identify how many candidates are in the activity pipeline, where in the recruitment funnel are the candidates falling off, the reasons why the candidates are being rejected for a job.

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To begin with, we will have the job title, recruiter name and the job posted date. And you can enter the information according to your needs.

Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet:

Then there are the 4 stages:

Application: The initial form filling/ applying for the vacancy: the initial form filling/ applying for the vacancy

Phone screen: The phone screen interview date

Interview: The walk in interview date

Offer: If the applicants pass the interviews, offers are made, which help in hiring the final candidate

You can also change the name of the stages, the template automatically updates

5th stage is hiring: Once the person is offered and the offer is accepted then the 5th stage is completed

Rundown of this RECRUITMENT Tracking Spreadsheet:

  1. Enter the applicant’s information
  2. 12 applications entered, the way this table works is that each row is a unique application, the name of applicant is entered in the first column then the next 4 columns are the dates, the dates on which the applicant entered that specific stage
  3. Applicant 1 enters application on 10th then phone screen is done on 16th , basically the four stages are being tracked just by adding the dates if the candidate will not go after a certain stage. The 5th column, the status is changed to closed, enter a reason along with status. After the comments are added, there is another column, the stage column which shows how far in the stages the candidate went. The information in the STAGE column is based on the information present in the columns of 4 stages
  4. we should never manually edit the STAGE column, it is the only one with the formula
  5. All the data entry was done by now

The next part SUMMARY is auto generate.

  • It says that they are still hiring, then the total number of applications, then the days since they started hiring.
  • Then active pipeline: The number of applications that are being evaluated at a certain stage, the applications for which the decision hasn’t been made, that is still in the process of being decided. Closed means a decision has been taken. The rest are active.
  • Recruitment funnel: where all the details are shown of the applications on which the decisions have been made. How many applications are closed, what stages did each application reach, how many applications reached a certain stage, where the applicants fell out. It tells the experience of the hiring process.
  • Top Decline reasons: The reasons collect from feedback/comments on closing an application, are rank in descending order.
  • Once a candidate is hired and their details are entered the hiring status of the tracker is updated to hire and gradually other applications are closed.


Benefits of Recruitment Tracker Excel Template

These recruitment tracking spreadsheets are very efficient and convenient to store all the data of a recruitment process in a single sheet. It can even help to scrutinise each candidate even more closely.

  1. Easy to manage with plenty of options
  2. Employee Report Export in PDF format
  3. Download Easily (Recommended 2016 Version of Excel)

This Recruitment Tracker Excel Template are very useful or the recruiters and HR managers to save the process and micromanage every single step of the process. Update of this template available Free recent one 2022. You can download updated template at your email address or Account.


Recruitment process is the core of every organization’s success. Expert managers need to juggle between managing the hiring process and making well informed and guided decisions for hiring the right candidate. These templates make things easier in managing the process so the recruiters can focus on making the final calls.

Every company needs a different kind of spreadsheet template, because every company’s requirements are different. An IT company may need a different template than a construction company. So the company can get the template and customize it as per their own requirements.

You can ask EzowoTools or Template124 for customize request of this template.

Q & A

Here are some relevant questions and answers, before purchase this template.

Q1: Is this template suitable for complete HR System?

A: Yes you can manage employees accounts,  Training schedule, Performance report and appraisal form with recruitment tracking.

Q2: What is Include in HR recruitment Excel?

With complete HR management system like (Employees Performance Evaluation, Employee Training, Financial Records) this is No#1 template in the market.


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