Supply Chain Template Excel

Are you looking for strategic planning for your project then Supply chain management can help you tremendously? Template you can download in PPT and Excel format.

Supply chain management is basically the management and monitoring of the product from starting till end which is supply and consumption.

Basically, this type of management deals with mainly warehouses and product storages. Supply chain management focuses on goods, products and provided services. Overall shipment tracking month by month and report generate using this template.

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A Supply Chain Template in Excel is a pre-designed spreadsheet that helps manage and track various aspects of the supply chain process. It is a tool commonly used by businesses to streamline their supply chain operations and improve overall efficiency.

The template typically includes different tabs or sheets that cover different stages of the supply chain, such as procurement, inventory management, order fulfillment, transportation, and logistics. Each sheet contains relevant columns and formulas to input and calculate data related to specific supply chain activities.

By using this Supply Chain Template Excel, you can make considerable improvements in the quality of your products and reduce the waste of the project.

As in many cases we have seen that the products go to waste due to mismanaging. Subsequently, the proper handling and management of products is needed to ensure the best performance and success of your project.

Key features of Supply Chain Inventory Template Excel

In this article, we will discuss the basic concept of Supply chain management and see how it works. We will also shed some light on its importance and application in project management.

Supply Chain Template Excel

Chief Processes of Supply Chain Template Excel

Every business setup always needs a proper and well-maintain Supply chain management plan for their good to be handle and supply in a proper timely manner.

The main tasks which covers in Supply chain management is from the making of the goods to handing over to dealer then to supplier and finally to the customer.

  1. Active Products (Available products)
  2. Each Product Details
  3. Suppliers pending orders
  4. Tracking order summary with product pipeline
  5. Inbound Logistics & Outbound Logistics

All these processes need to be handled and monitor properly to enhance the efficiency and on time delivery of your goods.

There are some key processes which we should keep in mind and must be given importance when doing supply chain management.

  1. Customer relationship monitoring and management
  2. Customer services organization and handling
  3. Demand management
  4. Product processes and development
  5. Supplier management
  6. Manufacturing management
  7. Order completion management
  8. Product supply management
  9. Return product management

Element of Supply chain Excel

As we have already seen the importance and need of Supply chain management now let’s have a look at the basic steps of the process of Steps of Supply chain monitoring and management.

  1. First, there is supply of the raw material. This step focuses on all the details about the raw material from where, when, who, how until how much.
  2. Next is the manufacturing steps. It involves all the necessary details of the consumption of the raw materials and making the desired product for in time delivery. So, in simpler words this stage focuses mainly on converting the raw material into final product.
  3. Lastly there is most critical on which is distribution of the prepared goods. In any project on time delivery and distribution is very important for the success of any project no matter what size or category.

Importance of Supply chain management template

As we all know if we want to see the success of our business we always give priority to customer satisfaction. As it is customer which makes our business successful and unsuccessful.

In this regard we can make great improves and get benefit from Supply chain management templates. These templates come in various formats but the excel one is widely used and is more popular. This template is handy straightforward, easy and user-friendly.

Types of Supply Chain (Logistics) Tracking Template

Supply chain management allows you to keep track of your goods as soon as they are handed to dealers and suppliers. This makes your life easy by keeping an eye on the products and the feed back from the customers and consumers.

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The purpose of using a Supply Chain Template in Excel is to centralize and organize information related to the movement of goods and materials, monitor inventory levels, track orders and deliveries, and identify any bottlenecks or areas for improvement within the supply chain. By having a structured and customizable template, businesses can analyze data, make informed decisions, and optimize their supply chain processes for better performance and cost-effectiveness.

This Supply Chain Template Excel helps you in having the batter understanding of the customer demand for a specific product or products. So, if you are aware of the demand you can easily hit the success point easily.

Order & delivery Tracking Template

We have dashboard relates to order and delivery of your supply chain. You just need to download this template and complete your tool Box.

  1. Top selling Products
  2. Top vendors
  3. Refund Products
  4. Top selling channel

Moreover, this outstanding tool will aid you in anticipating your problems of supplying the products. You can also make alterations in the prices by looking at the data and information gain from Supply chain management process.

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Order & delivery Tracking Template

Therefore, the inventory and warehouse goods adjustment and handling can also be making easy by using this template.

Shipment Tracking Template

Daily to monthly shipment tracker, Easy track your shipment with daily to monthly basis through dashboard.


As we have seen in the above discussion that Supply chain management is an essentials and very important part of project management. It is very popular and extensively used in the file of retail and project management.

Consequently, project experts recommend having this tool on hand for batter supply and distribution of your products.


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