Project Initiation Document Template

Looking for Project Initiation document template? In this article, you can download complete list of 1st phase of project management template in seconds.

Project initiation basically is the most start point of the project. It mainly includes the initial steps and basic project summary. It is the starting paint as it has the starting instructions along with project main steps briefing.

Some manager are also call Pre-project planning templates.

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Furthermore, a basic plan for initial and financial analysis is also the part of project initiation document template.

  1. 1st phase of project management life-cycle template
  2. Sample of templates consist of PDFD, EXCEL and Word format
  3. Editable initiation template with MAC compatibility
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  5. Project Work Plan Template Excel
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A Project Initiation Document (PID) Template is a document that outlines the essential elements and details of a project at its initiation stage. It serves as a foundation for the project, providing a clear understanding of its objectives, scope, stakeholders, deliverables, timelines, and key milestones. The PID Template is typically used as a reference point throughout the project’s lifecycle to ensure consistent decision-making and project management.

This document provides the main and effective information to make them as productive as they can. The main parts of project initiation document are project scope, project financial plan and funding. Project goals and highlights of the responsibilities allocated to the different people in the team.

What Initiation Template required for Project Document?

How many templates required for starting project during 1st phase of project? Here are many examples or template you must require before initiate any project.

It’s important to note that specific organizations or industries may have variations in their PID templates based on their unique requirements and project management methodologies. The template can be customized and expanded upon to suit the specific needs of a particular project.

In this reading we will discuss what the project documents are and what is their significance. We will walk you through the basic steps of the initiation document to make it clear for you.

Project Initiation Document Template

  1. Acceptance Criteria
  2. Business Case Template
  3. Process Flow Chart Template
  4. Drawing CPM Diagram
  5. Exception Report
  6. Feasibility Report
  7. Precedence Diagramming Method
  8. Product Launch Checklist
  9. Program Brief Template
  10. Program Management Plan
  11. Programmed Business Case
  12. Program Mandate Template
  13. Project Blueprint
  14. Brief Project Management
  15. Charter Template (Project Management)
  16. Quality Management Plan Template

Project Initiation Checklist

There are basic 5 steps of a project initiation plan which are Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing. The initiation phase is the first step and is kick start phase of the project.

There are so many things included in project initiation checklist. Some of the basic ones are:

  1. First you must define the project scope clearly to make sure it is worth spending your money, time and resources in a specific project.
  2. Then make sure you identify all the important processes which are required to start a project from the very beginning.
  3. After that make sure you have conducted a test to see the feasibility and work of taking for a specific project plan as no one wants to waste their time on a bogus plan.
  4. The project dependencies should also be highlight right in the beginning of the project initiation plan.
  5. The maximum estimated cost and expenses of the project should also be highlighted in the starting of the project.
  6. It is often seen that the project managers refer to conduct a feasibility study of the project to identify the viability of the project.
  7. Making sure to have an imperative step in the initiation stage of the project and is the important component of project initiation document
  8. You must make everything final and well document regarding the shareholders and stakeholder in the start as well. Therefore, everything regarding stakeholder mist be finalized at this stage of the project.

Agile Project Initiation Document Template

The document justifies and highlight the project scope. You must make sure that this step is well documented as it is the most initial and very significant fragment of the project lifecycle.

The agile document is the basic traditional waterfall approach for the project initial start of the project. Consequently, specific initiation template specifically designed for agile project category.

The agile project initiation document template includes everything you need to have to peruse a successful project.  As it provides data from expected start till key milestones and KPIs. The agile process of project initiation focuses mainly on the on-time delivery and smooth starting and execution of the project.

Project Initiation Document Prince2

The document is basically the overall assessment of the project and ensuring the success in the end. It provides the kick start of the project and ensure the best possible road map for the project.

Furthermore, the Project Initiation Documentation is a PRINCE2 approach for managing a project efficiently. The initiation document basically gets aligned the logical information of all the important tactics and approaches for the straying and ruining the project in profound and sound manner. It is basically the best possible approach for project management without facing any difficulties.

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The PRINCE2 project management mainly determines the  project scope and pinpoint the steps how the project will be executes. It designs and highlight the baseline steps of the project Abd allows the gives an opportunity to project make sure the project goals are achieved efficiently on time.

What are some Main & Most Important Template in Project Initiation Document?

Following are essential project management templates found in initiation phase of project life-cycle. If you have start project plan without these essential once, then you might face difficulty relates to time management, reporting and project scheduling.

RACI Matrix Template

This chart is use during creating Project Initiation Document Template, identifies and set employees workload and time tracking (roles) regarding project according to scheduling.

Project Charter Template

Most important template (All in ONE), discuss project scope, risk and issues tracking, business needs, opportunity and problems.


Project Portfolio Management Template

All in one project portfolio dashboard tracker helps project manager regarding generate all project relate activity reporting in PDF, PPT and XLS. Through Gantt chart, timeline, calendar, and task management system, you can easily manage project or even multiple project in one sheet.

Stakeholder Vision Analysis Template

Either you call stakeholder strategy template or analysis vision tracker, these templates help you or keep connect with stakeholder vision. In according to project expense, issues and shareholders advice on project.

Word Breakdown Structure Template

In addition, Another most important template, huge project breakdown into few parts and solve one by one. In that case, many companies develop some software like EZOWO.


Hence, we have seen the project document is of great significance, so it has been highly recommended by the project professionals to have this in place for the battement of the project. Thus, this document plays a vital role in the smooth running and successful timely ending of the project.

Q: Is Initiation Template include in project management bundle?

A: Yes, You can download complete project life-cycle template (Bundle) including project initiation templates.

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