Project Charter Template Excel

Looking for custom or printable project charter template? Through this premium tool, you can design or create project charter easily.

After edit sheet, just click on print this sheet and your template will be ready in seconds. Template in available in EXCEL (XLSX) and for PMP and PMO professionals.

Through this document, you can provide simple and summarize form of statement to your investors, stakeholders and other project managers. For custom download Project Charter Template Excel, you can request Team.

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  1. Available in PDF, XLS and DOC format
  2. Customization is available on template according to your project
  3. Compare project charter vs project status template
  4. Project charter create accordingly for PMP and PMO
  5. Add multiple project charter through this single sheet
  6. Add in project initiation template

The PMP Project Charter Template Excel is a tool used in project management to create a project charter document in Microsoft Excel format. A project charter is a formal document that outlines the project’s objectives, scope, deliverables, stakeholders, and other important details. It serves as a reference point for the project team and stakeholders throughout the project’s lifecycle.

The Excel template provides a structured format with pre-defined sections and fields that can be filled out to create a comprehensive project charter. It typically includes sections such as project description, objectives, scope statement, key stakeholders, project team members, assumptions, constraints, risks, and high-level timelines.

A project charter is basically the main plan of the project representing all the important parts of the project. It is an authentic and official document of the finalized plan. Often the project managers are given the duty of making the charter and is later signed and checked by the major stakeholder and other higher members of the project team.

  1. One click and project summary or current stats view or generate
  2. Automatic system

Thus, it is imperative to make a get signed a proper charter for the project. This provides the road map for the team to follow on the steps mentioned in the charter and eventually making it easy to gain the project goals.

Project Charter Template Excel

Project Charter: How-To Guide, Examples & Template

Furthermore, having a well-managed and authentic plan on hand help you to run the project smoothly without facing any unwanted issue. That is why the project charter is very popular and most recommended tool in the field of project management. Must use template in construction progress reporting.

By using an Excel-based template, project managers can easily input and organize project information, track progress, and make updates as needed. The template may also include formulas or automated features to calculate key project metrics or generate charts and graphs for visual representation.

In this article we will discuss what the project charter is and what is its importance in project management.

Benefits of Project Charter Template Excel

Making a project charter is the first step toward the success of the project. This is important to have a plan on hand as no one want to be a downer and wants their project to go south. There are so many important benefits of a project charter. But some of the most important ones are as follows:

  1. It provides a clear picture a better understanding of all the project goals and objectives.
  2. The batter understanding of the project can be possible by having a project charter on hand.
  3. A project proper road map is provided by the project charter template.
  4. All the roles and responsibilities and understood batter and are highlighted in the project charter.
  5. It is an easy and straightforward way to identify any issue in the management and running of the project.
  6. All the project related vital and important information is provided in the project charter. So, it provides batter way of understanding the needs of the project.

Project Charter PPT

Download PPT project charter template (professional) slides of project status and charter summary of your project.

Components of Project Charter Template

As we have understood by now that the project charter is of great importance in project management. Now the next step is to know what is included and what are important parts of the project charter.

The project charter come in many forms and formats all you need is select the best possible and needed project according to your project requirement.

Here come the important elements of the project charter template:

  1. Project purpose and requirements
  2. Important details of the project
  3. Allocate budget and expenses of the project
  4. Any associated risk of the project
  5. Important milestones of the project
  6. Authentication of the project
  7. List of needed resources of the e project
  8. Roles and responsibilities of the project team members

How to create a Project Charter from scratch in Excel?

Now let us see what the steps are of crafting a decent and well managed project charter.

  1. First you need to enlist all the project goals and objectives and highlight the scopes.
  2. Then after that make a note of all the key responsibilities of stakeholders and project team members.
  3. Next comes in the list is making and implementation of implement plan. This must include all the reacted milestones and dependencies of the whole project.
  4. Lastly you should be very careful in identifying the potential issue in the project. This will help you eradicate any problems before hand before they become problematic and results into an unwanted big mess.

PMBOK Project Charter Template

The Project Management Body of Knowledge known to be PMBOK is the way of repressing and explaining the important parts of the project in a singular place.

It aids in maintaining a balance in your project by highlighting the insight detailed information of the project. It eventually helps in maintaining a strong foundation for your business.

In this the details of project are its requirements are highlighted in a manner that everything is clear and easy to interoperate. Consequently, the project charter plays a major role in smooth running and successful completion of project on decided time.

Types of Project Charter Templates (Categorized)

Here are some different types of templates according to charter requirements of project management.

Agile Project Charter Template

Looking for agile project charter? First you should understand what’s project charter relates to Agile network?

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Six Sigma Project Charter Template

For quality of product and service relevant to employees you require six sigma template of project management.

Team Charter Template Word

You can arrange team performance through this one, this category is also attached with this one. For managing remote or virtual teams, you can arrange project meeting through team charter.

Project Charter Scope Example

Looking for scope Project Charter Template Excel? Download project charter scope template with different layout examples and samples.

PMO Charter Example

Looking for project charter for project management officer? Download all in one project management plan for PMO templates standards.

Project Charter Business Case Example

Add about business case section in project charter template, if you require different business case template, then request

Project Charter Vs Project Status Report

If you are confusing both of these template status report or project charter, then first download both of template. Project status report usually use current phase of project life-cycle. For example, Risk management, project planning or project closure phase.

Project Charter Vs Project Status Report


Hence, we have seen that the project charter is very important for the betterment and smooth running of the project. Consequently, the project professionals emphasize in having a well-maintained project charter on hand before starting a project.

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