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Looking for complete project management life-cycle template? Before you download these templates, you must aware about project management stages or phases. In this article/blog you can download complete package of Project or Business plan life-cycle tools (Project Initiation to project Closure).

  1. Download Template/Tool (MS EXCEL, PDF, WORD)
  2. FREE Project Portfolio System
  3. Multiple project tracking template for project reporting
  4. Project/Business Management Presentations
  5. Process Improvement Plan Template (New)

A Project Life-cycle Template is a standardized framework or guideline that outlines the stages and processes involved in managing a project from start to finish. It provides a structured approach to project management, ensuring that all necessary steps and activities are considered and executed effectively.

While I cannot provide an exact template specific to the year 2023, I can provide a general overview of a project life-cycle template that is commonly used and can be updated to suit your specific project needs.

Whether you are working or small or a big project the project management lifecycle holds great importance.

As all the steps of the project are imperative and needs proper management and planning to make the project to succeed.

Project Life-Cycle Template? Key Features

It’s a project roadmap, you can just follow these paths and easy create your project plan in very hours. We have project portfolio dashboard, with Gantt chart, milestone, task management and risk management for multiple project management.

It’s important to note that this is a general framework, and the specifics of each phase may vary depending on the nature and requirements of your project. You can customize and update this template based on your project’s unique characteristics and any specific methodologies or tools you may be using.

Remember, project management is an iterative process, and continuous monitoring, evaluation, and adaptation are essential for successful project execution.

There are five main components of the project lifecycle which are initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling and closing.

  1. Starting from Initiation Document to closure stage documentation
  2. Planning to project execution and closure stage template in Excel, Word format for documentation
  3. PowerPoint Slides for presenting project IN front of investors, stakeholders and CEO of company
  4. Download Project Management documentation from Template124 & EZOWO
  5. Also download risk management, change management, Supply chain management, Cost management with project life-cycle
  6. Compatible with MAC with project portfolio & PPT slides

Importance of Project Life-cycle

Without follow plan, you can’t achieve your desire goal. In this bundle, you can manage your project in easy way. There must be special care and attention given to each one of this stage as all are very important and crucial in project success.

Project Lifecycle Template

This piece of writing will ale you understand what project management lifecycle is and why is it important for project management.

We will also discuss what are the phases of Project Management Lifecycle?

What is Project Life-cycle planning? How-To, Guide & Template

As a project manager you must know that the project planning is needed throughout the life of the project to complete it successfully.  Project management lifecycle is the key to successful delivery of the project deliverables. It basically is the sequence of the phases in project life cycle planning and management.

  1. Although all the projects can not be of same type and require different things, but the main five stages of the project life cycle remain the same
  2. Project life cycle planning starts from the initiation planning till the endpoint of the project

The project is dependent on the project management and strategies by making a proper plan you can ensure the success of the project. All the project management professionals make sure that they plan and organize each step of the project individually with maximum care.

Stages of Project Lifecycle Templates

The project life cycle planning can be made very easy if we plan each step separately. By devising the tasks in smaller pieces makes them more manageable and easier to handle. Project manages prefer to work on the projects in each step individually and separate plan is made for separate tasks and steps.

Following are the different stages of the Project Lifecycle let us look at them one by one.

  1. Project Initiation Template

The fist stage in the project life cycle is initiation of the project. This step includes the initial planning of the project to kick start the project. This step is to set goals and foundations for the success of the project late in the process.

Acceptance Criteria Business Case Template Process Flow Chart Template
Exception Report Feasibility Report Precedence Diagramming Method
Product Launch Checklist Program Brief Template Quality Management Plan
Programmed Business Case Program Mandate Template Project Blueprint
Project Brief Project Charter Template Request For Proposal Template

This phase is the starting point of the project and is the time when the feasibility and reliability of the project is identified. This stage defines how exactly the project is going to deliver throughout. The project charter is also made and authorized at this point of the project.

  1. Project Planning Template

The next step is the project planning in which the proper project plan is made and signed off. This is the stage when the project plan is almost final and approved. It included every information of the project including, cost, risks, and the deliverables.

  1. Example Project Costing Template
  2. Download project budget template

The scope of the project is also identified at this point of the project lifecycle. The tasks allocation and allotment are also done during this stage of the project.

  1. Project Execution Template

The project execution is the stage where we physically do whatever is stated in the plan. This point is the step where we make the plan happen in real.

In this step most of the work is happened. Most of the project activities are completed in this stage of the project. All the project related problems and risks are identified in project execution phase.

Customer Acceptance Form Document Review Form End Project Report
Example of PRETO Chart (PDF) Exception Report Template Follow on Action Recommendation
Risk Register Template Investment Appraisal Sheet Off Specification Report
Phase Stage Exception Form Project Approval Form


Authorization Template & Form
Project Monitoring & Controls (PPT) Project Review By Consultant Variance Analysis Worksheet
  1. Project Monitoring Template

After the execution there comes the monitoring phase of the project. This is when we make sure that the project is on schedule and within the budget. The quality control is also ensured during this phase of the project to guarantee quality assurance.


This is the phase where we make sure that the project is on track and with the project control. This is also helpful in making sure that the project does not go de-track by any means.

  1. Project Closure

Post Implementation Report Post Implementation Review Project Closure Report

At last, step of the project the deliverables are handed over to the relevant person. The last step is for the finalization and closing of the project. The finalized documents are signed off to complete the project in this last stage. This phase is to hand over the project to the next coming team management. The project closure documents and reports are also made at this point.

In addition, these project life-cycle template is very essential for any new project, if you don’t want to waste time and money. We provide guideline according to PMBOK standards, so you can create or report any plan within minutes.


  1. Project Life-cycle Process improvement planning
  2. According to WIKI
  3. According to PMI ORG
  4. Task Scheduling Management Template


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