Looking for PMO template? Here you can upload multiple PMO templates for project planning & documentation. These templates are set according to project life-cycle template and project planning.

Through PMO status reporting, dashboard template, and PMO charter template, you can manage your project easily.

PMO templates for project documentation and planning are pre-designed documents and tools that help in the efficient and consistent management of projects within an organization. These templates serve as a foundation for creating project-related documents and provide a standardized approach to project management.

WHAT IS PMO? PMO Templates & Documentation

The project management office is a tool that standardized the processes of project management by maintaining and defining the data of the project. The project management office helps to keep the documentation intact by highlighting the key metrics which will direct the project on the right road.

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These are just a few examples of PMO templates used for project documentation and planning. The specific templates and their content may vary depending on the organization, industry, and project requirements. Organizations often customize these templates to suit their specific needs and project management methodologies.

It also keeps the involvement of the stakeholders under consideration by carefully analyzing the budget matters. In addition to these features, the project management office not only standardizes the management processes by improving efficiency but also works on making better strategic approaches that will help the project even better.

PMO Standards Templates

The overall project management office is a centralized approach that works as a coordination bridge among the team of the project. PMO can be both external and internal each with its own properties. There are some types of project management office which are mentioned below;

  • The Project Manage office (PMO) improves the standards or project management by working as strong support for the administrative team of the project managing all the processes of the project.
  • Whereas, program management offices work as a coordination tool among the team governing the processes of the project.
  • The portfolio management office also comes under the category of PMO, which keeps an eye on ongoing projects and their processes. It complements the above-mentioned types of PMO.


Functions of PMO:

Every tool of project management has its own distinct functions. Just like that Project management office provides some functions which directly or indirectly improve the efficiency of the project. Some notable functions are mentioned below;

  • PMO provides just the right amount of information to govern the processes of the project by keeping the project structure preserved.
  • Transparency is maintained by providing the right information which will help in the decision
  • Templates of the other successful projects can also be used.
  • Data is organized in such a way that traceability becomes easier.


PMO is a tool that works in improving the efficiency of the project processes with the help of templates. Some important ones are mentioned below;

Project Charter PMO Template

Project charter is an important project initiation template that covers all the necessary information required to present the project in front of stakeholders and contractors. The details put in the project charter document are; project title, project description, objectives, and risks as well as the project summary.

PMO Template Framework

Project management office is a professional tool that provides the basic framework for the management of the project. The framework organizes the data and provides business-oriented ideas that graphically describe the project. It also identifies the functioning principles of the project that will impact the performances and behavior of the team working in an organization.

PMO Dashboard Template Excel

The project management dashboard helps to organize the project with the help of excel templates. The templates provide you with data to track the progress of the project by analyzing the status of tasks in a project. PMO dashboard is a great tool to manage multiple projects conveniently.

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