Agile Project Management Templates

Looking for agile project management template? In this article, we discuss how you can manage project through agile tools/templates.

What is Agile Project Management?

“Agile project management is basically an iterative approach to delivering a project throughout its life cycle.”

Agile project management methodology is different from the normal casual project management. It divides the project into different phases and makes it easier to manage. The management plan has constant involvement of stakeholders who will lead the project towards improvement. The life cycle of the project is planned by the team and goes through different phases of planning, execution and evaluation.

Key Features of Agile Project Management Templates

It is a constant process and ends as the project ends. Agile methodology helps to maintain the velocity of project’s progress. And makes the team adaptable with the life cycle of the project. It starts with a broad vision and is directed towards the scope of the project.

Agile project management makes the best use of the time and money of the project. The main goal or the final product of the project is broken down into manageable tasks. The tasks are planned on the priority basis. It is a collaborative working approach especially with the customer. The entire customer requirements are given special attention.  The team seeks approval of the customer at each phase of the project so by the end the final result provides 100% customer satisfaction. Overall team works efficiently as per the requirement of the project.

Agile Project Management Templates

Benefits Of Agile Project Management

Agile project management has some benefits over traditional project management.

  • Agile project management empowers its team by making them accountable for their performances.
  • There is diversity in ideas and techniques in project management.
  • It leads the project towards continuous growth and improvement.
  • Agile management involves the customer in the happenings of the project.
  • Point of view of the customer is given utmost importance.
  • There is feedback after every phase of the project to maintain the standards of the project.

Agile Project Initiation Document Template

Project initiation document is a formal document in project management which has got initial plan focusing goals, scope, team involved, risks and barriers of the project. The document may sound extremely formal but you can create it while having the regular pre planning meetings of the project. You can see these below mentioned headings in your agile project initiation document.

  1. Decide your future goals: You might not have the clear path at the beginning but you still are sure about the expectations of the project. Set realistic goals.
  2. Describe scope of the project: It is a critical step of the project. Having a clear scope will help you to gain the attention of the stakeholders and contractors.
  3. Create a business case of the project: This will give clarity to the project, stakeholders, finance team  and other operational team as well.
  4. Describe the possible hurdles and risks: Growth of the project is not constant and knowing the risks will help you plan alternate paths to keep the progress continued.

Agile Gantt Chart Excel

Gantt charts works as an important tool in agile project management. It works well when the team is revising the plans of the project. It also helps to provide important highlights of the project precisely to the stakeholder or the investors.

It also keeps you updated about the status of the project. The Agile Gantt chart is a good tool for sprint planning.  The Gantt chart also gives information about the tasks experiencing lag or any risks. It is quite an adaptable and flexible method. You can also do conditional formatting to make it more readable.

Agile Project Charter Template

It is a key document for agile project management. Just because it keeps the stakeholder’s expectation aligned with the goals of the project. The main idea of this document is to provide clarity about the resources and the technical powers of the project.

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Keep the charter document precise, the lesser the better. Write it in an easy language so that is understandable for all the people involved in the project. Make sure it is a collaborative effort. The team members and stakeholders are involved in writing the document. The main headings of the project charter document are vision, objectives, timeline, resources, approach, success criteria, road-map, assumptions, risks and conclusion.

Agile Resource Planning Template

Resource planning requires extraordinary ability to manage the resources of the project by staying in means. As agile project management divides the project into phases so it becomes easier to allocate resources.

Resources are managed according to the task breakdown. Codes are assigned to each resource and a spreadsheet is created with the information having the starting and ending dates as well as the status of the project.

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