Google Sheet Project Management Template

Looking for template of project management based on Google-Sheet? Check out the variety of Google sheet-based templates essential for project managers. In which Google sheet construction, Google sheet costing template, Google sheet project plan template is important.

  1. Project Life-Cycle Based Google sheet template
  2. Another format is PPT and PDF with Sheet
  3. The best template for Project managers and HR staff

A Google Sheet Project Management Template is a pre-designed spreadsheet that helps individuals or teams organize and manage their projects effectively using Google Sheets, a web-based spreadsheet program. It provides a structured framework for planning, tracking, and monitoring project tasks, timelines, resources, and milestones.

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Google Sheet Project Management Template

What is Google sheet Template for Project management?

The project manager is dealing with dozens of things on the project and requires some workload sharing to ease up a bit. For this reason, there is software to rescue with the help of project management templates. There are a variety of tools for project management, just like google sheets is widely used for project management because of its high-quality features.

Using a Google Sheet Project Management Template can streamline project planning, enhance coordination among team members, and provide a centralized platform for tracking progress. It offers a flexible and accessible solution for project management, particularly for teams that prefer using Google Sheets and collaborating online.

Project Plan Google Sheet

Google sheets can help with nearly everything on a project like, managing tasks, monitoring budget, progress tracking, resource management, report writing, or even the project initiation. Mostly, to deal with such tools you require training and money to buy the software or template.

But project management in google Sheets is quite favorable. It provides a platform to comfortably manage your project while keeping your team involved. For beginners and professionals, it has helped in managing several aspects of the project with less effort. As compared to other tools google sheets are widely used because it’s free of cost.

 Key Features of Google sheets For Project Managers:

Google sheets have some distinguishing features which are mentioned below;

  1. Out of all the features, collaborative editing in real-time stands out as the best one. Sending a file individually and asking them to put their relevant data in the spreadsheet is time taking. Instead creating a spreadsheet and sharing it with the team member on the drive is a much better option. Everyone can put in their details while the sheet stays updated on all ends. Moreover, you can create discussion notes if the collaborator feels some change in plan is required or pass on some information to the team.  Also, you can check the changes made in the history.
  2. Google sheets are constantly getting better each day. It explores features is making project management a lot better. You can add up questions if something is not clear, create charts and pivot tables and also give your data a visual representation.
  3. Google sheets are available for offline editing. While the changes get automatically saved as soon as the internet gets connected.
  4. Google sheets support different file formats and provide an option to export files in .xlsx, .XLSM, .ODS, .csv, .TVs etc.

 Benefits of Google Sheet template in Project Management:

  • Google sheets are available for free. You don’t have to pay for Google Sheet templates.
  • It is accessible for everyone; you need a google account to work on your spreadsheet.
  • Real-time editing is one of the top benefits.
  • You don’t need any extra training to use Google sheets. It is very easy to use
  • You can add collaborators which improves the data input
  • Convenient for both personal and professional use.

Types of Google Sheet Project Plan Templates:

To have a better experience with google sheet, there are some templates already available for project management. Or you can also create a personalized one according to your requirements. Examples of some google sheet templates are added here.

Google Sheet Project timeline Template:

Google sheets are best for the timeline of a project. A timeline of the project can be made by sorting the important dates of the project on which milestones are likely to be achieved.

Templates for the project timeline are available which you can edit easily by changing dates and task details. The timeline is settled by keeping the schedule of stages of the project. You can do conditional formatting and make the timeline look more attractive.

Google Sheet Project charter Template:

The project charter template has a project title on the top with the following details like the business case, problem statement, goal, scope, key requirements, risks, key stakeholders, timeline, milestones, etc. In the end project approval, sponsor and date are recorded. The design is highly basic and professional that provides all the necessary details that can help you to present a project.


Google Sheet Risk Management:

Risk registers help you to identify the problem areas and help you find possible solutions to deal with them. Categories of risk are also identified and according to the scale rating is made.

A risk assessment scale is made by keeping the severity and likelihood under consideration side by side. Risk assessment management is an important tool for a construction project and reduces the chances of those risks by early management.

Google Sheet Project Tracking Template:

Project tracking template in google sheets comes with a clean and compact design that can be used by professionals. All the details like project title, project manager, date of completion, task titles, due dates, cost spent on each task, the status of each task, and notes are added in the spreadsheet.

The status of the tasks is used for project tracking. This keeps the team motivated and involved in the happening of the project. Tracking of deliverables becomes easier with the help of spreadsheets.

Google Sheet Gantt chart Template:

A google spreadsheet has an additional feature of a Gantt chart just like excel to represent the project schedule in the form of a chart. This visual representation also gives information about the progress of the project. With the help of the Gantt chart, you can manage the task overlapping if present. A Gantt chart has some set milestones according to the timeline of the project.

Google Sheet Gantt chart

  1. Task List Spreadsheet

Moreover, it functions as an information tool regarding each stage of the project. Carefully plan tasks, subtasks, assign them to the team, and have clearly defined deadlines. It is a package for task planning, scheduling, and tracking as well.

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